Export Email to XML with MailDex

MailDex 2020 updated today with a new feature we want to introduce you to. You can now export emails to XML files.

There are several variations of XML export feature that you can begin using immediately. Choose among export profiles that will save your email to a single XML with attachments base64 coded, export email to a single XML file with attachments, export email to XML with attachments saved to disk, or export email to single XML with attachments saved to disk.

To export email as XML files, choose the export profile that best fits your project.

How to export email to XML

In MailDex 2020, go to the Export tab. From the drop down list, choose the XML export profile that best fits your project.

Next, choose the email or emails you want to export to XML. They are selected when they are highlighted in the mail list.

Click the “Export” buton. You may be prompted to enter a file name, depending on which export profile you selected.

MailDex will then convert the selected email(s) to XML format.

Email converted to XML

If you have any questions about this feature, please post them below, or contact us via live chat.

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  1. Margot T. says:

    This is a very high end feature for such inexpensive software. I’m glad I located MailDex. You should do more advertising. And raise the price!

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